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They Record A Kitten Being “Adopted” As Their Own By Two Monkeys But It Is Not As Cute As It Seems

Photographer Anne Young made the choice to spend her holidays in Bali’s Ubud district.

When she visited the Monkey Forest Park, the woman nature enthusiast was eager to capture stunning moments of species in their natural habitat. However, she had no idea what she would see in a couple of minutes.

Anne Young

He thought it was time to pull out the camera when he noticed a couple of monkeys lurking around and their peculiar behavior. But he was oblivious to the fact that it was the start of a complex scheme the monkeys had devised to kidnap a helpless orange kitten.

The tiny kitten was being held by one of the monkeys as though it were his own child. The orange kitten, whose provenance is unclear, on the other hand, didn’t appear to give a damn.

The orange kitten doesn’t appear too thrilled about it, but the monkey makes sure to hug it close to his chest as if attempting to protect him. Eventually, you can tell that it’s more of the monkey’s obsessive fixation.

Anne Young

In reality, the pussycat attempts to get away a few times, but the monkey jumps on him and pulls his tail to keep him by his side.

Anne Young

It is not assumed that the macaques are doing maliciously; rather, it is just a normal aspect of their behavior and inclination to guard a smaller, more helpless animal, as if it were a child.

Although the kitten does not exhibit aggression, it does occasionally display displeasure when we observe its activity.

Anne Young

Later pictures depict the kitten being brought home for the first time and the other monkeys accepting it with open arms.

Anne Young

The kitten’s mother may have abandoned him or he may have been a stray, but either way, the video quickly went viral and generated a range of opposing opinions on social media.

Certain claim that the kitten was overjoyed with his new family and that, despite the species gap, these are loving, sweet situations that serve as real examples for humans, who are frequently skilled at peering over others’ shoulders and treating some people unfairly.

However, some Internet users understood that the primate first chose to conceal the kitten because it was intimidated by the visitors. Many felt it was dangerous to approach him so closely since he may have even attacked them or the kitten.

Anne Young