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Children Run To Help Of A Raccoon That Has Been Buried Alive

Two teens were investigating a forested area near South Canyon, Texas, when they discovered a helpless raccoon buried alive. After its burrow fell on it, the poor animal was fighting for its life.

It’s unclear how long the raccoon was imprisoned in the hole, unable to escape, but thankfully for him, Daiton and Rylen had discovered it in time and were eager to assist.

The children’s father, Dray McMillon, told The Dodo:

“They noticed a raccoon in the hole that was about 2 or 3 feet deep. Its head and front legs were the only parts of its body that were visible. The men immediately phoned me and informed me of their discovery. The raccoon was struggling for oxygen when I arrived.

A raccoon receives assistance from a group of kind children.

Dray said, ”

«It was heartbreaking to witness this animal struggle. My kids were certain that we needed to preserve the animal.

They contacted the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center late at night, and volunteers were dispatched to assist in the raccoon’s rescue. They removed him with the aid of the personnel using a catch stick around his neck and shoulders.

The executive director of the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Stephanie Oravetz, told News Channel 10:

“It had pushed down and crushed two cement slabs and a pile of earth on top, enabling a little mobility between the concrete and the raccoon’s back, but it was full of dirt.”

Fortunately, the raccoon was well enough to be freed shortly after, despite his physical fatigue from his captivity. Daiton and Rylen were ecstatic to see the animal go, alive and free, as a result of their efforts.

– The children’s father claimed to be quite proud of his children, and they appeared to be overjoyed to discover that they had saved the tiny raccoon’s life.

It’s conceivable that the raccoon would have suffered for a long time if Daiton and Rylen hadn’t found him and struggled for hours to preserve his life. The kids are grateful for having gone for a stroll and for arriving at the right spot at the right time to assist.

Finally, Dray says:

“When we returned home, they expressed their excitement with me. This would be something they would never forget, I realized.

Visit their Facebook page to learn more about the work they do at Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, where they regularly post updates on the rescues they carry out.