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A Brave Chicken Escapes A Farm Where She Was About To Be Butchered And Finds Affection In A New Home

All animals, like the brave hen in this story who chose to flee her misery and start again, have the right to have their lives recognized and protected.

You may not realize it or prefer to ignore it, but the chicken industry is a terrible business in which birds are treated as commodities with little regard for their lives.

Credit: Zoorprendente

The hen utilized her instincts to break out of the kennel where she was being held captive, and she was helped along the way by a married couple.

They were afraid that the bird had escaped from the breeding farm, and that the hen’s destiny would be particularly awful in that event, so they couldn’t leave it alone.

Credit: Zoorprendente

To deal with the problem, these people turned to the Open Cage group, which organizes campaigns against the cage business and works to rescue the animals who reside there.

This is at the very least to ensure that they receive respectful treatment and a peaceful death. By signing this petition, you may join them in their struggle.

Credit: Zoorprendente

The animal bolted from the scene and took refuge in the backyard of a Danish home. Because of the cold weather in the region, the animal was on the edge of hypothermia the day they discovered her. She was lonely and afraid, terribly hungry, and pleading for a secure place to hide.

Credit: Zoorprendente

Lina Lind Christensen and her husband, both animal sanctuary owners, were identified as the pair in question. They were not going to turn their backs on the chicken, even if they knew it belonged to a neighboring farm, if they were fighting to preserve the lives of the most vulnerable.

They were able to get the creature’s legal independence with the support of the organization, and he now had to prepare for a new life.

Credit: Zoorprendente

The youngster was fatigued on its long voyage and needed to recoup strength during the first days of the hen with the couples. Days later, the little girl realized that she was secure and could trust the Christensens.

Credit: Zoorprendente

Victoria became a spoilt brat, to the point that she started sleeping with Lina’s husband. The bird’s inquisitive and extroverted personality emerged throughout the weeks.

The small animal prefers to be outside, roaming the yard and basking in the sun, but it also enjoys being treated in the living room when its owners watch television.

Credit: Zoorprendente

The hen was subjected to extremely high temperatures throughout its flight, which caused health problems.

It had to have its toes severed since the feathers in that region were not thick enough at the time it left and did not adequately shield the area, leaving it vulnerable.

Credit: Zoorprendente

Victoria has a warrior mentality, and her circumstances haven’t limited her independence; she enjoys being in the garden and sharing with the farm’s other animals. As though they had been spoilt by their parents.

In reality, it was her bravery that spared her from the butcher, preventing her life from being cut short like the millions of other birds who perish in these facilities every year.