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He Asked Someone To Look At Him As He Trembled, Bald And Embarrassed Beneath A Vehicle

A bald, untidy puppy’s fate might be genuinely unpredictable. When they observe the physical appearance of animals, many people look down on them without even providing them the chance to be touched and transformed by love.

For many animal friends, life is full with obstacles. Unfortunately, not everyone has the good fortune of growing up in a household that is concerned about their well-being. In the middle of their sorrow, some manage to leave the unjust treatment and violence that terrifies them, while many are left alone and defenseless on the streets, attempting to live.

CREDIT: Karla Solís

Karla Sols was the woman who chose to provide him with all of the assistance he need. The fearful little dog was hairless, hungry, and shaking. He clearly disliked making eye contact with strangers, which was understandable given his experience.

Sols, on the other hand, was not prepared to give up, and after a few efforts, she was able to earn his trust and make eye contact with the puppy. Eliot surrendered to his rescuer’s arms after several minutes.

CREDIT: Karla Solís

His situation was quite tragic; at first sight, he appeared to have many skin illnesses. Sols decided to take him to a veterinarian, who diagnosed him with severe mange and Ehrlichia, a tick-borne illness.

In addition, due to his severe malnutrition, his bones were quite visible. His fragile health demanded that he be placed in a foster home with individuals who would look after him and follow his treatment to the letter.

CREDIT: Karla Solís

Sols called Becky Moder, an activist who transfers endangered animals from Mexico to shelters in the United States, at that point. Eliot’s therapy was rather costly, so Becky had to go into her funds to cover the costs.

Thankfully, the puppy recovered steadily and was flown to the United States, where the adoption procedure began. She would eventually become a member of a family that would provide her with all of the love and responsible care she deserved for so long.

CREDIT: Karla Solís

It didn’t take long for Eliot to capture the hearts of a couple searching for an older, calm, and loving dog. Kim Forest and her partner saw him in El Cajon, California’s The Barking Lot Rescue, an animal rescue organization.

Eliot turned out to be the ideal dog for them. That meek little puppy, trembling in fear and ashamed by his scruffy look beneath a vehicle, was no longer there.

CREDIT: Karla Solís