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Couple Shocked When Horse Begins Giving Birth To “Miracle” Second Foal

Jenni and Guy were anxiously awaiting Treliver D’Aquitaine (aka Daisy) to give birth. The mare was 7 days over her due date when they were called up to the stables. They rushed up just in time to help Daisy give birth to Don Quixote, a stunning palomino colt.

They observed he was quite small for a such a big mother (Daisy is just under 18hh) but they were still thrilled with how beautiful he was.

While they were waiting for the baby foal to stand, they were suddenly shocked when they noticed Daisy’s afterbirth. It was not normal and when Jenni went over to Daisy she could feel a pair of feet inside of Daisy. Daisy was going into contractions again!

“I felt inside her and felt two feet, Guy got back to the stables and I told him to pull out the second baby as quickly as possible and with me catching her our hearts stopped watching to see if the second foal would be alive and she was!! She was breathing…”

The second foal was a breech birth but within minutes wanted to stand up like her brother just had. They named her Duet. “She was tiny but strong and a fighter, wanting to stand within minutes and ready to drink once standing.”

Duet was weaker than her brother so they kept an eye on her for the first few days to ensure she was getting enough milk. It was a miracle – two twin foals – as the stats for twins surviving is minuscule.

Several weeks later, the two foals got out of their stable for the first time with their mom. “They weren’t out for long and everyday we stretched their time out, now they go out with other mares and their foals and the twins stick together like glue – when a new mare comes near they run to Daisy who has a very big presence in the paddock and nobody messes with her babies…”