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Couple Moves To A Thai Island And Adopts 15 Homeless Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend, as we all know, but this Lithuanian couple has earned the title of best friends with all the stray dogs on Thailand’s Koh Kood Island.

They moved six years ago and have since adopted 15 dogs after falling in love with the island and the relaxed residents as well as with their four-legged friends.

Along with caring for their own pets, Mantas and Rasa travel more than 40 kilometres to provide food for other stray dogs.


They also give them medicine and do medical examinations because there are no veterinarians or animal rescue facilities on the island, according to Bored Panda.

Mantas and Rasa first traveled to Thailand after leaving their own country, but they had no idea how much they would like the nation.


It was heartbreaking to learn that their cherished 10-year-old Boxer dog, Aibo, had passed away while they were abroad. He was in Lithuania.

They declared:

He was really sick, and there was no way to save him. We couldn’t be with him at the time, so the only thing we could do was call him and express our love. We were heartbroken to the core.


After hearing the tragic news about their dog, they made the decision to settle here permanently.

They planned to adopt a local puppy but saw many of dogs running around the island; they didn’t fully get the issue of stray dogs until they moved in.


They also saw that many canines on the island were not just abandoned but also ill and suffering from mild to severe wounds. The first puppy they acquired was given the name Zuika, which translates to “Baby Rabbit.” After that, they traveled to their own nation with their second dog, Rudis.

The couple has already brought 15 canines into their house, each with a unique life story or unique quality.