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A Hunter Passes Away After Shooting A Deer, The Animal Decided To Take Justice Into Its Own Hand

Some believe that hunting as a pastime is an immoral activity that ought to be outlawed, but others do not share that opinion. In reality, hunting generates 212 million dollars in retail sales in the state of Arkansas and only around 12 million dollars in taxes, making it a millionaire sport in the United States.

There are many supporters of this so-called sport, but there are also many opponents who believe that hunters are evil people who should be treated the same way as the prey they shoot.

Keith Stephens

For those who believe this, it would appear that their cries were heard, since a hunter from Arkansas recently perished after being assaulted by his prey.

It was about Thomas Alexander, 66, who was using a muzzleloader to hunt deer in Yellville, which is located about 100 miles east of Fayetteville, Arkansas.

When the hunter came close to a huge deer to confirm its dead, the animal charged him with its antlers, causing severe injuries that could not be repaired.

Keith Stephens

The Fish and Game Commission’s head of communications, Keith Stephens, made a statement on the incident but was unable to say if the guy had arrived too early to examine the game. Stephens advises delaying contact with the animal for 30 minutes.

I’m not sure how long he left it there, but he went to make sure it was dead before returning. And clearly, things weren’t like that, he told the interviewers.

Although Thomas had sustained critical injuries, he managed to phone his wife and alert her to the emergency services’ need to rescue him. As a result, she called 911 right away.

Keith Stephens

Thomas was rushed to a hospital, but unfortunately the doctors and nurses were unable to rescue him.

The deer’s injuries were fairly severe, but it is still unclear if they were the cause of death because the deceased’s relatives refused to allow an autopsy to be performed to establish this.

According to what I gather, there won’t be an autopsy, so we might never learn the truth, Stephens added.

Keith Stephens

Similar circumstances occurred in the same hunting region four years prior, but thankfully the guy was able to escape the deer assault.

Since the hunt is an act of complete indifference for the animals, who frequently die in the most inhumane ways conceivable, this time it wasn’t that way, yet others may view what occurred as justice.

This time, the deer successfully repelled the assailant, although this legal pastime typically leads to the merciless killing of tens of thousands of animals, and only rarely does the hunter become the prey.

Keith Stephens