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Horrible Zoo Puts Cats And Dogs Behind Bars In Saudi Arabia

On a Fulbright scholarship, Colleen Hegarty was in Bahrain, a tiny nation off the coast of Saudi Arabia. She had no idea that she would wind up bringing a dog to her home in Florida, the United States, because there is a terrible zoo in Arabia that houses both dogs and cats in addition to wild creatures that are kept in cages.

Colleen discovered Cooper, a little dog in the most shocking place, during her ten-month stay in Bahrain. I discovered this zoo in late April 2016,” Colleen said.

“When I first arrived at the zoo, I was shocked to see that animal abuse had become completely normalized, and visitors were not only having fun, but also making the conditions of the animals worse by beating them in their cages, throwing trash at them, and provocation by poking sticks through them. she said, “out of the cages.

The fact that cats and dogs were kept in cages at the Arman Zoo among baboons and alligators as well as other animals is what most surprised people about all of this.

Colleen said that the cats were underweight, their ribs were clearly visible, they were famished, and they were hanging to the cage walls pleading for a scrap of food.

“Large breed dogs hid behind the backs of their cages hoping not to attract attention.”