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For Their Elderly Dog, The Family Designed And Built A Wheelchair Ramp In Their Front Yard

People who become pet parents love and try to provide the best possible quality of life for their furry little ones, making sure they have food, vaccines, and everything else that keeps them healthy. One such family in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA, built a fully functional wheelchair ramp for their senior dog in their front yard.

Nestlé, as this dog is known, has mobility issues, and his family built this ramp to assist him in getting to the yard.

A guy and his daughter were driving through their neighborhood a few days ago when they noticed their neighbors’ caring behavior toward their dog. Alex Dunhom, the man’s daughter, shared the sweet tale on social media.


When the guy first saw this wheelchair ramp that extended from the door to the driveway and zigzagged till it reached the lawn, he was perplexed. He didn’t understand why the ramp was so lengthy, but his curiosity was satisfied when he saw Nestlé going down it one day.

In the Dogspotting Facebook group, Alex wrote:

“My father was perplexed for weeks as to why our neighbors were constructing a wheelchair ramp on the grass rather than the driveway. Then we noticed a big elderly kid in the yard who couldn’t climb any steps. Dad’s bewilderment has been replaced by a ten-point rating of respect for these owners and their wonderful puppy.”


This anecdote reminds us of what loyalty is, and we’re sure it makes all dog owners feel better about themselves since, because of the love that these furry friends inspire in us, we realize that we’re capable of going to great lengths to make them as comfortable as possible.