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Volunteers Build Houses For Abandoned Dogs On The Streets Of Brazil

Considering providing some form of protection and comfort to the animals who roam the streets of Taubaté, Sao Paulo (Brazil), to assist them stay warm at night. For abandoned pets, this group of volunteers constructs homes.

Four persons that make up the group decided to construct cottages to provide to animals in need since they had been abandoned on the streets.

Wooden slats and recycled cardboard boxes are used to build the cottages in the “Serumaninho” project.

The organization has constructed more than 30 homes for stray dogs in only two months.

An engineering student named Luciano Gomes had the idea to construct one of these structures after he realized that the backyard-dwelling neighbor’s dog was suffering from cold.

Volunteers construct homes for stray dogs.

Everything worked quite well when Luciano used supplies from the building site he works on. The dog settled in perfectly at the new home, and Luciano started getting requests.

The satisfaction of being able to help animals—whether it’s a street dog or one who doesn’t have an ideal environment in which to shelter them—is incredibly positive. They seem to me to be my pets.