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Tangled Swans Rescued After Approaching Humans For Help

Two swans who somehow became entangled were freed from their unusual predicament after approaching people on shore in an apparent bid to get help.

Footage from the remarkable rescue, reportedly filmed in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, shows the hapless pair of birds swimming in circles, evidently unable to extricate themselves from one another on their own. As two passersby approach, the swans shift direction, awkwardly paddling toward them on the riverbank.

Alexander Nord, who uploaded the video to YouTube on Wednesday, told 9news.com.au that the tangled pair seemed to recognize that they would be assisted, and they were right. One of the men is seen carefully shifting the birds’ slender necks and delicate wings which had inexplicably become intertwined.

“Sometimes I marvel at the minds of animals,” said Nord.

Once untangled, the first swan can be seen wandering off, her feathers ruffled, but without any obvious injury.

The second swan appears slightly disoriented, wandering away from the water, but the nameless rescuer soon puts her back on course, seemingly no worse for the wear after the ordeal.

While it’s unclear how the swans wound up in need of a helping hand to begin with, it’s reassuring to know that they were able to find it, writes Nord:

“The world is not without good people!”