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Sphynx Kitty That Looks Like A Bat Is Healthy Now And Living The Best Life With Her Owner

Meet this sphynx kitty named Lucy. This kitty has a rare neurological condition which makes her look like a bat.

You can tell that Lucy is so unique. She isn’t afraid of her look; actually she is living her best life. Lucy has also the love of her owner Zilla Bergamini.

“I began reading everything I could about hydrocephalus and all possible outcomes. I looked for the best veterinarian neurological center in the country and I already started setting up a fund to pay for her surgery—if needed—or medication,” the unusual animal’s owner told Love Meow.

Now Lucy lives in Haifa, Israel with her owner. At the beginning, Lucy was a bit sad and was crying a lot. So she brought a vet home to treat her.

She needed eye drops and still needs it.

Now Lucy is feeling way better than before. Kitty is so energetic and loves playing outside.