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Two Gay Vultures Hatch An Abandoned Egg Together

While the rest of the world seems to be going down the drain, these two gay vultures have just nested an orphaned baby vulture egg and are now proud fathers.

This happened at Natura Artis Magistra Zoo in Amsterdam. Staff members reported they found an abandoned egg on the floor of the vulture aviary and put it in an incubator. However, later they decided to give the same-sex vulture couple a chance at adoption – and it turned out just great.

The two vultures didn’t leave the egg for a second and alternated sitting on it. Now, they’re caring for the chick together and doing all the great things a perfect vulture dad would do, such as regurgitating food for the little one.

The zookeepers stated that it’s not an unusual thing for the animals to enter same-sex relationships, but it was the first time they saw two dads hatching an egg – and showing the world how it is supposed to be properly done.

We wish the vulture family many happy years ahead.