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This Dog Walks Two Kilometers Every Night To Bring Food To Her Family

A dog named Lilica, who lives in a junkyard in So Carlos, Brazil alongside other dogs, cats, roosters, chickens, and even a mule, is extremely aware of what solidarity means. Every night, the dog receives food for her family because they don’t have enough money to feed all the creatures that make up the household.

Lilica chose to seek assistance since Neile Vania Antonio, who is her human mother, offered her a second opportunity despite the bad financial position of the house after discovering it abandoned.

Every night, the dog goes two kilometers over a treacherous and dark path to meet Lucia Helena de Souza, a teacher who tenderly prepares food for the dog and the other animals in her household as well as for 13 dogs and 30 cats who were all saved from the streets.

This dog gets food for her family’s animals every night

At 9:30 p.m., Lucia waits for Lilica, who consistently shows up on time for dinner and to carry a bag of groceries home.

Says Lucia

She ate, I saw, and then she looked at the bag. Since she wasn’t restrained, when she attempted to bring the remaining food out of the bag one day, it fell all over. We tied Lilica up and she took the bag when a neighbor suggested that she might want to take the rest of herself with her. Since then, we have been doing it.

Nicola said:

“Some people want to remain hidden and keep their possessions to themselves. She shares that she doesn’t.”