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Family Rescues Pit Bull After Being Thrown Off Highway Bridge

Despite being tragically abandoned, this poor puppy was fortunate to have a human nearby who could assist him. When April Eells’ mother unexpectedly called while she was at work, she frantically described a peculiar event that she had just observed.

The woman had saw someone hurl something from Interstate 5’s bridge in Portland, Oregon (United States). When she stopped to look into what had been thrown after seeing what had happened, she discovered it was a pit bull dog, according to KPTV.

Image | GoFundMe Hankc

Unfortunately, the dog’s fall resulted in catastrophic injuries. It was clear that whomever had tossed him there had done so to end his life.

Image | GoFundMe Hankc

The woman grabbed the puppy and carried it to her car before running off to phone her daughter, a veterinarian, for assistance.

Image | GoFundMe Hankc

When the dog was examined, doctors found that he had suffered terrible wounds, including fractured bones and torn ligaments, and that he needed several surgery to heal.

The puppy they called Hank belonged to April’s family, and they were determined to do everything in their ability to keep him.

Image | GoFundMe Hankc

The family thus thought of the idea of starting a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for all of Hank’s procedures.

Image | GoFundMe Hankc

Added by April to a GoFundMe post:

“Due to his wounds, the majority of Good Samaritans and veterinary hospitals would have put this kid to sleep, but my parents wanted to give him a chance. He’s only a little child, therefore this youngster deserves a second opportunity at a decent life because he’s so nice!