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Heartbreaking Footage Shows Ukrainians Clinging To Their Pets As They Evacuate

Thousands of Ukrainians are fleeing their nation, yet many refuse to abandon their pets. Hundreds of photos of people and their animals attempting to cross the border to avoid danger have surfaced on the Internet, as well as photographs of them cowering in air-raid shelters and subway stations.

Poland, Romania, and Slovakia, according to the Daily Mail, are enabling Ukrainians to cross the border with their cherished dogs without veterinary documents. However, there are still a large number of animals in need of food and treatment. Despite the attacks, brave volunteers have stayed to care for these abandoned animals.

In Romania, the country’s top veterinary authority in Bucharest has declared a state of emergency, suspending vaccination, microchipping, and paperwork requirements. The only thing folks need to do is fill out a special form for their dogs.

Many residents of Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, depart by automobile, but the roads are completely jammed owing to the large number of persons attempting to cross the border.

Another significant number of residents walk to help speed up the evacuation process; some are waiting patiently with their loved ones in metro stations and local bus routes while the bombing continues.

Since 2016, the Romanian organization Casa Lui Patrocle has been a passionate supporter of animals, and is currently stationed at the border to ensure that no family fleeing Ukraine has to leave their pet behind. Volunteers from this group are striving to help animals of all kinds obtain housing, shelter, and veterinary care.

Donations are being accepted to aid as many families as possible. Donations may be made on the organization’s website.

Other non-profit groups are assisting any animals currently trapped within Ukraine due to a lack of food and treatment. One of them is Sirius, who has been caring for stray animals in Kyiv and its surroundings for more than 20 years.

Sirius, being one of Ukraine’s largest animal shelters, needs all the help it can receive. In a recent post on their Instagram account, the shelter wrote:

“We’ve taken his position.” We’re not going anywhere! We have to have faith in our nation and its fighters!”

People are still looking for a way out of the mayhem and panic, despite the fact that the country’s main roadways are presently clogged by enormous traffic of automobiles fleeing the bombing.