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Dog Found With Mouth Taped Up Thanks Man Who Saved Him

Bob Hoelter, who works two miles from home at a store, chose to walk to work one frigid winter night in Griffith, Indiana, and it was the finest thing he could have done. Because things may have turned out very differently.

Bob stated to The Dodo:

“Normally, I drive. That night, I realized I needed to do some exercise.”

A noise was heard when the man crossed a bridge. A faint, mournful, and despondent wail sounded from below. He glanced down from over the bridge but saw nothing, so he simply listened.

Screams could be heard from the darkness beneath the bridge. Bob suspected that the moans were coming from a sewer, which was nearby.

He was so determined to assist that he knelt and went down the sewer with his hands, unsure of what he might discover. All he knew was that someone need his services.

Bob stated:

“I pull out my flashlight since I always have one with me.” I made it to the bottom. “At long last, I see it!”

There in the gloom, peering into his eyes, was a little dog, shaking and terrified. But the next thing the man saw was that the puppy’s muzzle was taped shut.

He felt he had to act soon, so he drove the tiny child to a nearby animal hospital, hoping it was still open.

Lori Kovacich, manager of Griffith Animal Hospital, will never forget the moment Bob stepped through the clinic door with the puppy in his arms.

The woman, terrified, seized the dog and rushed it to the veterinary personnel. She was moving so quickly that she neglected to ask Bob’s name and phone number.

And Bob, relieved that the dog was in good care, returned to his intended goal, the store.

The veterinary personnel instantly rushed to the sad tiny dog, who was only 4 months old. He was malnourished, and the tape had seriously injured his skin. They believe the dog had the tape over his lips for several days.