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Cat With Rare Spine Condition Was Saved By A Vet And Is Happy To Have A Forever Home Now

Meet this lovely cat named Pitoe. She is so adorable and is so chonky. But she is living a very tough life.

She has a rare spine condition called scoliosis. Also Pitoe was rescued by a vet and now she is feeling better.

Cat is happy to find a forever home now.

A girl named Mari has talked about Pitoe’s health conditions. She says that cat looks fat because of her condition but she is happy and healthy.

Mari also has said that kitty lives with her grandparents now and she is so energetic and active.

“She’s just the sweetest Kitty. To be honest, she surprised all of us with how playful and active she can be, but around my grandparents, she’s pretty calm, as if she knows she needs to take it easy with them. She loves all attention and will come to ask it whenever there are visitors, so, all in all, she’s perfect! A bit of rebel though, as she loves to throw her water bowl around. (And never the food, which would be so much easier to clean up.)”

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