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Dog With A Broken Heart Waited Three Years For His Mother Who Never Came Back

If you own a dog, you undoubtedly are aware that their loyalty and affection are too pure for this world. This dog patiently waited for his Alzheimer’s-stricken human mother to return home for three years in the port city of Busan, South Korea, but she never did.

The dog was formerly a lost dog that was later adopted by an elderly woman a few years ago. She gave the dog the name “Fu Shi,” and the two of them enjoyed many happy years together before the elderly woman suffered a brain hemorrhage that caused dementia.

Fu Shi was devastated when his human mother stopped coming home. Unable to comprehend it, he waited obediently for three years before learning that she had been sent to a nursing facility with dementia.

The woman was transported to a nursing facility, where she now receives ongoing specialist care.

Every day, according to the OC, neighbors claimed to spot the animal in an alley just around the corner from its owner’s home. He would remain seated there all day long until dusk, when he would go for the abandoned home they had formerly occupied.

One of the neighbors, moved by the animal’s devotion, got in touch with an animal rescue and shared his touching tale with them. Since his owner departed, it appears that Fu Shi has subsisted on the food the neighbors have given him each day, but they were helpless to stop his melancholy.

The animal was found to be roughly 8 years old after a vet examination, and it was also discovered that he had intestinal worms. He was treated for these and is now in full remission.