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This Cat And Horse Have Been Together For The Past Seven Years

Friends come in different forms and sizes, as we all know. Champy the horse and Morris the cat have very similar characteristics, so we’re not surprised by the narrative. When Morris was adopted from a local animal shelter in Australia, where his owner Jennifer lives, the two were acquainted for the first time about seven years ago In a recent interview with Bored Panda, she told the story of how she met her interspecies animal BFFs, and

I introduced them and Champy instantly fell in love with Morris and knew they’d be best friends. Morris, however, took a few days to convince probably because of Champy’s size but after a few days of Champy hanging out with him, and not taking no for an answer Morris jumped up on his back and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Morris was sitting in a cage gazing at me when I went into an animal shelter one day; he wouldn’t take his gaze away from me, as I was his chosen human. He was around 9 months old when I took him home from the shelter, having been born there. He’s the nicest cat you’ll ever meet, and I still can’t believe no one wanted him. Champy, who was around 12 months old at the time, was already mine.

They like grooming each other, catnapping together, drinking from the horse trough together, and plenty of smooching and being goofy together, even though Morris enjoys riding. How does Morris get into Champy is one of the most often requested questions I hear. Typically, it’s via a fence post known as the bus stop.

It’s easy to understand why they’ve amassed so many admirers so fast when their human mother began posting photos of the two on social media! When Jennifer isn’t shooting photos of her lovely pair, she’s doing her part to help horses in need—and she knows Champy and Morris are on board as well!

“Champy and Morris are ecstatic to know that we are assisting other rescue animals in their quest for a better life.” ― Champy and Morris owner Jennifer Boyle

Take a look at this adorable cat and horse sleeping together!

Morris elevates the term “have your back” to new heights!