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Little Puppy Takes Her First Snooze On A Nice Bed After Never Having Been Inside

Sundae, a dog, has spent her entire existence living in a yard full with items and dirt, as well as a chilly garage for resting and lounging. The dog was ultimately rescued by the Country Roads Animal Rescue Society in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Despite the harsh conditions in which she survived, the lovely female gave birth to a brood of small cubs.

Sundae was rescued and placed in a loving foster home, where she learned what it meant to be cared for and loved. Her mother will never forget a very poignant occasion.


Sundae’s foster mother, known as Mugglequeen on Reddit, wrote:

“She’s been with us for about a week, and you’d never guess she’d never been an inside dog.” On the inside, she is entirely toilet trained, exceedingly gentle, and really polite.


The adorable dog’s foster mother chose her name because she believed it suited her sweetness and the color of her chocolate, vanilla, and caramel fur on the side of her face.

Sundae was initially timid and scared of men, but after her adoptive mother put a pair of her boyfriend’s shorts in Sundae’s favorite spot, the dog began to approach him.

Sundae was diagnosed with heartworm illness and required dental care, according to the veterinarian. He is in good health in overall. Sundae aspires to find a good family to adore after her cubs were cared for by several foster homes.

The public rescue center provided an update on his case on his Facebook page. Sundae is now a spoilt princess who is constantly seeking cuddles from her humans and like to sleep as near to her mother’s bed as possible.