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Otter Pup’s Family Comes Running The Second He Is Returned To The Wild

A 6-week-old wild otter pup was rescued from drowning and successfully reunited with his family about a week later later thanks to a coordinated community effort that wanted the pup to get home.

The smooth-coated otter pup almost drowned after he fell out of his natal holt and into a canal in Singapore. The pup was alone and looking for his parents and siblings when he lost his footing and fell several meters into the vertical wall canal below. He struggled to stay afloat in the rushing seawater and undertow.

Patrick Ng, a retiree, saw the pup drowning and came to his rescue, jumping into the water to save him. Ng placed the pup near the entrance of his family’s holt so that that the pup’s family could come get him.

But after 10 hours, the family of the otter, nicknamed ZooToby, did not return and Wildlife Reserves Singapore was called.

They treated Toby for dehydration and kept him in their care until they thought he was well enough to go home. In preparation, a group of scientists, wildlife rescuers and government agencies tracked down Toby’s family in order to reunite the pup with them.

The rescuers leave Toby on the beach a little distance away from his family and as soon as his family hears his squeaks for help they rush over to his side! The adults nuzzle him and one lifts him to safety as the others keep watch. Toby was home at last! Toby’s reintroduction to his family begins in the video at 2:32).