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300 Elephants Gather To Pay Tribute To Their Leader And Even Pat Him To Say Goodbye

A herd of up to 300 elephants gathers in this tragic moment to lament the loss of their leader. Animals are seen congregating around an elephant carcass in video footage that was shot close to Kalawewa Game Reserve in Sri Lanka.

Sadly, the elephant’s opponent, a “tusker” elephant, killed him as a result of their struggle.

A “tusker” elephant, as defined by National Geographic, is one whose tusks extend all the way to the ground. According to reports, the competitor lingered near Kalawewa for a few days before engaging the pack leader in combat.

In groups or by themselves, the herd’s elephants gathered around the deceased animal to pay respects. Up to 300 elephants from the herd stood close to the scene as they lamented his passing; some even stroked him with their trunks.

Elephants live in close-knit communities and create strong friendships. According to Defenders, a matriarch is the eldest and frequently biggest female in the pack who serves as the pack’s leader.

Elephants may express a variety of emotions, including pleasure, happiness, and sadness, much like people, according to research. They routinely visit the graves of the dead, “kiss” their bodies with their trunks, and rock anguishedly.