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Brewing Company Puts Photos Of Dogs On Their Cans To Help Them Get Adopted

It is comforting to know that organizations from all across the world create initiatives to aid the less fortunate. In one instance, the FARGO Brewing Company in North Dakota sought to assist dogs that were having trouble finding permanent homes.

In order to do this, he collaborated with a nearby animal shelter, 4 Luv of Dog Rescue, to include images of the dogs on their beer cans to encourage people to adopt them.

At an event hosted by the aforementioned animal shelter last month with the goal of encouraging the adoption of 6 dogs who are classified as “Oneders,” Fargo debuted a new can of their original Lager-style beer (Only ).

Due to their issues socializing with other dogs, it indicates that these dogs are the ones that find it the hardest to find a home.

These unfortunate pups are bound to spend a lot of time in shelters before finding a viable adoption choice because the majority of families that choose to adopt typically already have a pet in their house.

On Facebook, Fargo wrote:

“With the help of this event, we aim to spread the word about these ‘one of a kind’ pups and, ultimately, help them find forever homes.”

Young Jared Ryan’s mind had this association in mind before anyone else did.