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Missing Senior Puppy Is Very Happy When He Hugs His Mother Again

His family was in immense turmoil when Miles initially vanished. The puppy apparently managed to escape after a blunder via an open door, and despite the family’s best attempts, they were unable to locate him. Because Miles is an older dog with limited vision, his family worried when they heard nothing about him for six weeks.

Fortunately, Miles had a microchip and was located by individuals who took him to the LifeLine Animal Project-run shelter in Fulton County. His family was called right after after the shelter checked him for a microchip; they couldn’t believe the news and were really appreciative.


Miles’ six-week self-sufficiency is unclear, however he is fortunate to be a very robust young dog. He needed a wash badly and was filthy, but when he saw his mother again, none of that mattered.

Lauren remembers:

“When she first saw Miles, she was overjoyed and enthusiastic. Miles was immediately calm and at peace the moment he recognized he was back in his family’s embrace, despite his fear and anguish at being separated from her.

Miles was anxious and perplexed when he first entered the shelter’s care, but as soon as he was in his mother’s arms, it was all behind him. He had been gone from home for six weeks, and their friendship had grown.