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These Animals Like Cuddling And Snuggling Just As Much As Humans, Which Is Beautiful

Who doesn’t like a nice, welcoming hug? Animals, too, like a hug, proving that snuggling isn’t only for humans.

It’s not only dogs and cats who like being cuddled by their owners. This touching video will demonstrate that everyone enjoys a snuggle now and again.

This video will melt your heart, from the goose that runs wild when its owner opens her arms for a loving hug to the monkey that can’t get enough kisses from the tiny guest.

Credit: gtgoodtimes

This horse, for example, brushes its lips against its owner’s nose.

Credit: gtgoodtimes

Or this adoring donkey that prefers to be cuddled above everything else.

Credit: gtgoodtimes

This antler adores the opportunity to spend quality time with its owner.

Credit: gtgoodtimes

This dog enjoys softly stroking its owner’s head while he sleeps.

Credit: gtgoodtimes

Nothing, however, compares to the joy of a young elephant receiving a hug from a visitor.

Credit: gtgoodtimes

Watch the full video of these adorable animals here

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