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Friendly Dog ​Feeds Homeless Cat After Finding It In Yard

Pudding, an adorable dog, has won the hearts of millions of people after a video was posted in which he was captured sharing his meal with a stray cat in China’s eastern province of Shandong.

Ms Fu caught film of her dog Pudding taking a pork bun to the hungry kitty and presumably attempting to feed it in a yard outside her home in Weifang on Thursday.

According to the Daily Mail, the emotional scene has moved millions of social media users, who have lauded Pudding as a “gentle soul.”


According to Ms. Fu, who spoke to The Paper in China,

“On that particular day, I was working downstairs when I heard our dog barking at the top of the stairs. I observed him walk to his kennel to retrieve his meat bun when I glanced, then he barked again.”

Pudding reached inside her kennel and placed a meat bun in front of the ginger cat resting by the garden stairs.

The cat first remained watchful before succumbing to the delicious temptation and biting into the bun, but then fleeing with the bun in its mouth.

Ms. Fu went on to say:

“When the dog bit into the bun, I expected him to try to capture the cat or attack him. I had no notion what I was photographing was truly happening.”

Pudding greets the cat in the video by wagging her tail and walking back and forth, as if coaxing the cat to pick up the food. The hungry animal took a cautious step forward, snatched the meat bun, and rushed upstairs with the meal.