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He Continues To Receive Kisses From The Newborn Pangolin He Saved As A Sign Of Gratitude

Very unique creatures called manis or pangolins dwell throughout Asia and Africa. Unfortunately, they are always in danger as a result of the numerous hunters and traffickers who look for them to sell as animal flesh in marketplaces.

Dr. Mark Ofua

Dr. Mark Ofua is an expert on these adorable little creatures, and he just received a call that made him uncomfortable. When he learned that a newborn pangolin’s life was in danger, he did not think twice before setting out to attempt to save him.

Dr. Mark Ofua

When Dr. Mark arrived in Lagos, Nigeria, he saw the miserable pangolin being sold as bushmeat.

The mother of the tiny child, who was born in captivity, had endured great stress as a result of the tenuous circumstances in which she was confined and had hardly the energy to stand.

Dr. Mark Ofua

The pangolin remained without food and drink for days after his birth, and Dr. Mark realized he would have a tremendously difficult time treating him.

“I saw that his odds were already limited when I arrived at the market. She was born to a mother who was weak. When I discovered him, he was already hypoglycemic and chilly, the savior recalled.

Dr. Mark Ofua

The business owners consented to give the pangolin to the rescuer. He was so frail, in fact, that they didn’t consider him anything more than a “loss.”

Dr. Mark Ofua

She decided to provide for him in a motherly manner. She fed him with a bottle and a special formula while also giving him cuddles to keep him warm.

He’s a mischievous young man who is still getting the hang of being a pangolin. He can identify her nursing cover and bottle from him. Mark said, “He likes his milk.

Dr. Mark Ofua

Neal’s full recovery and ability to attend Saint Marks Pangolin Rehabilitation Center are Mark’s hopes for him. He may spend his days here without being concerned about the dreadful hunters because it is situated in a protected forest.

He particularly enjoys seeking out his caretakers and petting them to make himself at ease, according to Mark.