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Rescued Blind Dog Gets Excited and Can’t Believe He Has His Own Bed

This dog, named Stevie, was rescued in South Carolina from a backyard where he was chained up and living in deplorable conditions. Everything appeared to imply that Stevie had spent his entire life in shackles and had never left this desolate location.

The dog was cared for by the Lancaster County SPCA, but New York’s Diamonds in the Ruff discovered Stevie via collaboration with other rescue organizations.

When the group understood the entirety of Stevie’s tale, they felt he had to become a member of their furry family. As a result, Stevie was transferred to the shelter facilities, where they immediately recognized all of her issues and proceeded to provide her with the care she required.


Stevie’s life had been tough, not just because he was blind, but also because he was infested with fleas, parasites, and had missing skin. In addition, the vets discovered that he had a cob lodged in his intestines, which necessitated surgery to remove it.


His physiological issues were clear, but when he arrived at his new foster family, his psychological issues were apparent as well.


Stevie’s foster mother, Erin Boyd, told The Dodo:

“He slept the most of the ride home, but in his cage he would snarl and howl from time to time. We understood he was only trying to protect himself. We brought the cage inside when we arrived home, but he refused to come out. We had to be cautious since he couldn’t see us and we didn’t know who he was.”

His host family had to wait patiently for him to acclimatize to his new life on the inside.


Stevie began to recuperate physically and mentally after a few days, and he began to reveal his true nature and develop into a powerful dog.

His new family was ecstatic to watch him try so many new things, and they even bought him a bed.


They assumed Stevie had never slept on a soft bed before, so they made sure to purchase him one. They were not incorrect, as Stevie was ecstatic, but they were surprised to witness his reaction when he learned about a bed for the first time.


Stevie was pleased as soon as he felt the softness of his new bed and began bouncing up and down with delight. Stevie now performs her leaping routine anytime she comes across a dog bed to see how comfy and soft it is.

The dog is so thrilled to meet soft and cuddly items that he feels compelled to show everyone how happy he is.

Erin had this to say:

“He leaps a lot, bites a little here and there, and then collapses.”

Despite his inability to sight, Stevie has settled in nicely at home, and his family is delighted with his improvement.