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They Are Looking For The Person Responsible For Kicking A Newborn Swan Because “It Crossed Their Path”

Nothing can help us decompress like a little outdoor workout. Unfortunately, there are some who exploit these opportunities to hurt defenseless creatures without considering the repercussions. After learning of a swan’s tragic destiny, animal rescuers and the London community are indignant.

A man was running in the park when three neighborhood swans crossed his path, and he became very irate.

This area is renowned for being one of London’s biggest royal parks and is also the habitat of lovely creatures like swans.

“How someone could do anything like that is beyond me. We must track him down “a user on the networks remarked.

When the man passed and declined to make a little detour, two tiny infants were passing comfortably. He made the worst choice imaginable by choosing to kick them rather than wait patiently or just choose another course of action.

A representative for the Royal Parks Police claimed that at around 5.30 am, a guy kicked a baby swan instead of avoiding it and moving in a another direction.

One of the swans succeeded in getting away and sought safety in the water. He also sustained horrific injuries, which is regrettable. Authorities located him and transported him to The Swan Sanctuary’s medical staff. He was taken to critical care, where he battled for his life for two days. He was quite frail and had brain damage. Police started looking for the offender right away.

The worst news, however, was given by the veterinary staff. The newborn swan perished. Because of his precarious condition, the kicks he took from the malevolent man ultimately proved fatal for him.

“The swan left this world despite all of our attempts. The injuries were really bad, but we take care of it with a lot of affection and don’t separate from it,” one of the vets stated.