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The Grandma Of This Cat Crochets Her Own Sofa, And She’s Never Been Happier

Cat, a beautiful kitty, received the most wonderful present from her grandma. The woman decided to crochet her own sofa so she could take her peaceful naps.

Cat liked napping on Daddy’s lap, which made it difficult for her to get up when she needed to. When Cat’s father’s birthday came around, her mother-in-law decided to design a gift that would benefit both of them.

According to Josh, who spoke to The Dodo,

“She’s a kooky and unpredictable cat, one of the oddest I’ve ever owned or met. He nearly usually naps on my lap all day because I work from home. Then, at lunchtime and after my day is done at 5 p.m., he has time to play and goof about.”

The grandma of this cat crochets her own couch.


Cat’s grandma found a crochet design and spent two days making a little couch and a small blanket for the kitty.

Josh explains:

“Many of my birthday or Christmas gifts wind up being gifts from Cat since I am notoriously tough to shop for.”


When Cat first received the present, she wasn’t sure what to do with it, but after a few tries, she figured out how to use the little crochet sofa. She now adores her teeny-tiny couch.

Josh answered, ”

“Initially, I was uninterested. The box, on the other hand, was a tremendous hit. However, he got fascinated after that.


Cat was unsure what to do with the present when she first saw it, but after a few tries, she figured out how to use the little crochet sofa. She now adores the little sofa.

Josh stated,

“At first, I wasn’t really intrigued. The box it arrived in, on the other hand, was a tremendous hit. He was initially uninterested, but then he grew intrigued.


Josh’s legs are no longer aching from holding Cat during his naps, and he is grateful for the present, which has surely made his cat, who used to like resting on people’s laps or on a cushion, extremely happy.

Josh said, ”

If the individual is too worried, he will get up and search for a good cushion. He bounces on his sofa instead of a cushion the previous two days ».

It’s beautiful to watch the kitten sleeping on the sweet crochet sofa, and Grandma is pleased to see the cat enjoying the little chair.

Josh continued, ”

Cat hasn’t complained yet.