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Meet This “Two-Faced” Cat Named Geri That Has Stolen Everyone’s Hearts In Internet With Her Unique Look

Meet this adorable and unique cat named Geri. This cat has chimerism.

Geri looks very different from other cats because of a rare genetic specimen. But she looks so adorable and has stolen everyone’s hearts in Internet.


Just look at her adorable and cute face.

Geri’s owner, Erika, told Bored Panda that she found Geri at her favorite pet shop.

“I found her at my favorite pet shop in 2019. She was 2 months old. I used to be a dog person but as soon as I got her, I changed to a cat person, lol.”

Erika has posted some amazing pictures of Geri. She loves photographing her all the time.

Also, Geri on the other hand, looks just like a photo model.

“I truly enjoyed taking photos because as a part of my job, I used to be a travel writer. Also, Geri shows me lots of expressions and I found it very lovely so I take photos of her a lot. I’d like to enjoy and keep every moment with her.”

Isn’t Geri the cutest? What do you think?