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A Puppy Who Became The Oldest Resident Of A Shelter Finally Finds A Home And Receives A Standing Ovation

The objective of animal rescue organizations is for them to recuperate and find a home as quickly as possible, but this does not always happen.

Big Mac’s behavior indicated that he would take a long time to find a family when he arrived to the McKamey Animal Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Despite his size, the dog was anxious around new people and was having trouble adjusting to his new environment at the shelter.

Facebook/ McKamey Animal Center

The shelter’s advance manager, Lauren Mann, told The Dodo:

“We don’t know much about her past before to coming to us, but it was clear that she didn’t trust anybody right immediately.”

Lauren would offer him snacks to entice him out of his kennel or into the play area so she could get close to him and build his trust. Big Mac joined the shelter as an official member in December of last year, when his owner opted to surrender him due to a lack of time.

Facebook/ McKamey Animal Center

Big needed a patient and compassionate individual to show him that not all humans are terrible, according to the volunteers at the shelter. But, as time went by, the bashful Big Mac grew older and older, eventually becoming the shelter’s oldest inhabitant.

Big Mac was able to find a permanent home after spending more than 260 days at the shelter, thanks to a miracle that no one predicted.

Facebook/ McKamey Animal Center

One of the volunteers consented to take him into her house, but after a few days, she was completely smitten by the shy little dog. So she did not hesitate to adopt him as a new member of her family and went through all of the appropriate processes.

Lauren remarked:

“When my coworker took him in to look after him, she reported he slept for 12 hours straight the first night.”

Facebook/ McKamey Animal Center

He was so sure of himself that he began playing with his resident dog and even desired to play with the house cats.

Lauren explained:

“He completed a 180-degree turn and was an excellent dog in general.”

Lauren and her team wanted to do something special to commemorate the emotional occasion of her long-awaited adoption before leaving the shelter altogether.

Facebook/ McKamey Animal Center

As the dog went out of the building for the last time, staff gathered at the front entrance to give him a standing ovation. Everyone was ecstatic because Big Mac was finally on his way to the life he deserved after such a long wait.

Since his arrival at his new home, the resident dog has taken him under his wing and even taught him how to trust once more. When they go on a stroll, if Big Mac is worried for whatever reason, the other dog walks over and appears to say, ‘cool down, everything’s alright!’

Facebook/ McKamey Animal Center

His adopted brother is in responsibility of reassuring him that everything is alright and that he may once again trust others.

Lauren continued, ”

“His new mother was shocked at how effectively he handled it, indicating that he’s getting better at dealing with stranger danger.”

Big Mac didn’t appear to want any goodies; he was ready to leave and all he desired was a second shot at life.

Facebook/ McKamey Animal Center