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Sea Turtle Learns To Swim Again After Losing Two Flippers In Fishing Nets

Lou, a sea turtle who lost two flippers and overcame numerous obstacles, eventually learned to swim again and went back to his native home.

The Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Center (CTRC) is a volunteer-run, non-profit facility in the Australian city of Cairns that specializes in the treatment of ill and wounded turtles.

Members of the group were made aware of an olive ridley turtle that had been discovered trapped in fishing nets in 2015.

Facebook/ Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Center

Without second thought, volunteers from the rehab facility went to the location and chose to take Lou in.

Facebook/ Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Center

Co-founder of CTRC Jennifer Gilbert stated to Bored Panda:

Lou’s front left flipper was gone after he lost it while attempting to get out of the net. Rangers picked him up, transported him to Weipa, and then flew him to Cairns on a trip provided by Qantas Link.

Facebook/ Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Center

When Lou arrived to the Marlin Coast Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Rod Gilbert discovered that his right rear flipper was severely wounded. She was unable to survive as a result, so they decided to amputate her, leaving Lou with just two fins, fortunately facing in different directions.

Facebook/ Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Center

Despite Lou’s challenging circumstances, everyone at the rehab facility had a lot of confidence in his ability to heal.

Jenna stated:

The possibility that he might heal and go back to the wild, where he belongs, was never lost. He had to return since he was a man of legal age.

Facebook/ Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Center