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Shelter creates a ‘real-life’ living room for dogs to show off their personalities

We’ve lost sight of the fact that shelter-dependent dogs need and deserve care as they wait to be adopted. That’s where the concept for this Ohio shelter originated, which designed a space where dogs could unwind and feel at home in order to get them ready for a home.

The “Genuine Life Chamber,” built by the Toledo Humane Society, is a room that simulates a real living room and is unlike anything the canines are accustomed to in the shelter.

A chair with a rug, pillows, a TV, a floor lamp, and a painting with the phrase “All you need is love and a dog” were all utilized to construct this area by shelter personnel.


The dogs really enjoyed this area, but just one family is permanently gone.


On its Facebook page, Toledo Humane Society shared a picture of one of their canines taking in the peace and quiet.

They stated in the post:

“Our long-term pet, Jake, utilizes our actual room. He undoubtedly appreciates the peaceful and quiet surroundings.

The shelter’s fictitious room gives canines a regular human environment in contrast to the loud kennels where they often reside.