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This Dog Was Mistreated And Then Thrown Into A River Channel, But He Was Rescued And Is Now Happy

The LA On Cloud 9 nonprofit offers homeless individuals and their dogs food help. While doing their duties in South Los Angeles, the organization’s members stumbled across a terrible sight in which a dog had been tossed into a river channel. When they noticed this, they immediately called Hope For Paws to get someone to the location to treat the dog.

They were informed that a homeless guy had damaged one of the dog’s legs before strangling it and discarding it like trash; the little child had spent two days there by himself, sleeping on top of an empty bag of chips.

The Hope For Paws co-founder descended to the river channel with a ladder to rescue the dog, who was in great suffering and consequently placed in a basket. He was given the name Jordan in honor of the river and sent to a veterinary facility. Immediately. Jordan becoming better
The veterinarian said it was quite miraculous that he was able to live. After giving him a blood transfusion and bathing him, they operated on his leg four days later before bringing him to a foster home.

The surgery’s sutures were removed after two weeks, and it continued to get stronger.

Jordan eventually found a forever home who loved and cared for him very well. They started a facebook page called “Jordan The Wonder Dog” where they routinely post updates on him now having two sisters named Luna and Gracie.