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A Rescuer Adopts A Puppy Discovered Inside Dog Food Sacks

A puppy, along with seven of his siblings, was discovered abandoned inside a bag of dog food. When Nicole Olsen and her daughter Harper heard multiple squeaks coming from a container at a truck stop, they went to investigate.

The extraordinary occurrence took place on November 1st, as they traveled between Wigley Flat and Kingston in Murray, Australia, northeast of Adelaide.

Nicole raised the lid of the container after hearing the moaning and saw two 20-kilo bags of dog food heaped on top of each other.1


The bags were secured with a wire used to hang clothing, and within them were pups in desperate need of assistance. Nicole decided to enlist the support of her family members to rescue the puppies while she was coming from a family gathering in Renmark.


The tiny ones appeared to be in poor health. They were infested with parasites and fleas, and their abandonment was clearly intended to keep them alive. Nicole’s family responded quickly, dividing the children into three vehicles and transporting them to Nicole’s house in Gawler.

To keep the two sickest puppies awake and able to aid them, they were wrapped in towels and stroked the entire journey.


They notified the RSPCA of South Australia when they returned home, and the puppies were removed and taken to a veterinary clinic. One of the sickest died en route, while the other had to be killed owing to his delicate health.

The remaining six pups, three males and three females, were all flea-infested, parasite-infested, and dehydrated, and were treated right away.


According to the Daily Mail, the RSPCA head inspector said:

“This act is the very pinnacle of animal cruelty. We have no idea how long these cubs had been there because they were discovered by happenstance.

The inspector went on to say that the individual who did this didn’t want any of the puppies to live since he had left them in such bad shape. The temperature was 25 degrees Celsius when they were discovered, making the concrete container a hellish inferno for the children.


Dogs, unlike humans, are unable to sweat and must rely on panting and heat release via their feet and nose. As a result, getting chilly was nearly impossible for the small children who were trapped within food sacks and a container.

The positive news started to flow when RSPCA volunteers cared for the six surviving puppies until they recovered their health.


Nicole and her family chose to adopt Angel, who is the only red puppy among the litter and is full of affection.

Nicole had this to say:

“We all had a soft place for Angel because he was the youngest and looked to be struggling a lot.”

Her family had hoped to adopt all of the puppies, but she said that this was not possible, so they chose to adopt at least one.