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Cop ‘Arrests’ A Lost Little Animal For Trespassing On Freeway

Officer Roger Pereira has had his fair share of strange days on the job, but on Tuesday morning, he received a call that startled him. Just south of San Francisco, the smallest culprit was clogging up traffic on the bustling US-101.

He was certain it had to be a joke or a misunderstanding. Pereira told The Dodo, “I was dubious there would be a genuine sea lion on the road.” “Sure enough, there was a newborn sea lion on the road when I arrived.”


A couple Good Samaritans stood vigil over the 10-month-old sea lion, who had pulled over to assist the small animal. Pereira explained, “They were standing next to it making sure it didn’t go into the lanes of traffic.” “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I realized I was gazing at a sea lion on such a busy road.”

The 30-pound sea lion, clearly far from home, had no idea he was disrupting people’s morning commute. Instead, he appeared to be absorbed in the new experience with a childish awe.


Officer Pereira had no option but to apprehend the stray sea creature, but he chose to forego the use of handcuffs. He pulled up to the sea lion and opened the passenger door of his police car.

The sea lion happily surrendered. “Without any kind of motive,” Pereira added, “the sea lion jumped directly into the rear seat of the police car the instant the door opened.”


The small sea lion looked completely thrilled by the new experience once more. Maybe it was his inquisitiveness that got him into trouble in the first place.

“The sea lion had a great time in the automobile,” Pereira added. “In the rear of the patrol car, it made no noises or made any abnormal motions.” “The sea lion was a model citizen.”

Pereira dropped the sea lion off at the Peninsula SPCA in case it need quick medical attention, then let him go with only a warning.

The sea lion was subsequently taken to The Marine Mammal Rescue Center, where an inspection indicated that he was in good health save for some malnutrition and a tiny cut on his flipper.