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This Real Life Batman Is On A Mission To Rescue Homeless Animals

Beautiful pit bull Koko was found wandering Tampa’s streets before arriving at the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center. Every day she waited for someone to give her a chance, but over time they decided to place her name on the list for euthanasia. Fortunately, a charming man in a Batman outfit saved her life and altered it for good.

Koko was initially taken in by a woman who found her a long-term home in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, many months later.

The only issue was that the woman had no method of getting Koko where she needed to go, which is when Chris Van Dorn, the founder of the nonprofit animal rescue group Batman4Paws, appeared.

FB: Batman4Paws

Chris Van Dorn spent eight hours on the road while wearing his Batman outfit, which is really his dress code for the workplace.

FB: Batman4Paws

Van Dorn said to The Dodo:

“I consider myself to be only a mediator. The folks who provide these pets with a loving and caring home are the real heroes.

FB: Batman4Paws

Koko is only one of the several stray animals that this man has assisted in bringing home. Although wearing the suit won’t necessarily save their lives, Van Dorn has undoubtedly been able to raise awareness of adoption and parenting thanks to it.

Added VanDorn:

“The costume just brings a grin to everyone’s face. When people learn that Batman is performing good deeds in the world, they get even more delighted to see him wandering around.

FB: Batman4Paws

He believes that by donning the costume, he is able to realize all the positive change he wishes to see in the world and make everyone around him happy in the process.

He grew up watching the Batman animated series, and once his family got an Australian shepherd named Mr. Boots, his affinity for animals intensified. He started working as a volunteer at animal shelters as of that point.

FB: Batman4Paws