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Rescued Dog That Is Traumatized Has A Passion For The Snow And Flowers, Watch These Adorable Pictures

Meet this adorable dog named Tofu. She was rescued by her owner after living a very tough life.

Tofu really loves to sleep a lot now and her favorite place is his mama’s bed.

Tofu’s mom Rosanne Van Zanten said that dog loves to eat and hugging people.

“She hates walkies and going out, except when it snows; she will not come back in when it snows. She will roll in the snow, hugging it, eating it, loving it. Her other passion is flowers. When she was about 8 months old we visited her first flower field. Instead of her normal fears, she would delicately hop hop between them flowers and take a sit in the middle. While we were doing our thing, she would sit and lay there, far away from us, for minutes, up to half an hour or so. Until I will come and get her; we do have to leave at a certain point”, Van Zanten writes to Bored Panda.

Now dog loves flowers a lot. Rosanne has captured the most beautiful pictures of Tofu.

Just look at the pictures.