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This Puppy Abandoned In A Shelter Won’t Leave His Best Friend’s Side

The two dogs in the kennel, Felix, a little black Chihuahua mix, and Oscar, a large golden Labrador mix with a missing leg, were both 2 years old. Mona Ahmed halted in front of the kennel. Felix had his head resting against Oscar’s fur as he was cuddled up on top of him.

Every week, Mona visits this Fresno animal shelter, which has a high euthanasia rate, to take pictures of the dogs and share the images on Facebook in an effort to assist the animals find new homes. But it was hard for her to take separate pictures of Felix and Oscar.

“Watching how much they adore one other made my heart melt. I grabbed my phone right away and snapped a photo.

Compassion Without Borders (CWOB), a group that rescues canines in the US and Mexico, was co-founded by Christi Camblor.

He found it quite hard to separate them. The moment I removed one, the other began to weep.

Mona was shocked to discover that Felix and Oscar will be put to death that very day at 5 o’clock due to how close they were. She begged the employees at the shelter to just give her another day.

Felix and Oscar had kennel cough, a contagious respiratory condition, and personnel at the shelter decided to allow the dogs one additional day, but no longer. This was because they didn’t want the sickness to spread to other dogs there.

Mona called CWOB volunteers who were in Fresno picking up other rescue canines at the ideal moment.

Christi requested the volunteers to go back and review this adorable snapshot of a buddy couple to make sure they were nice.

Felix and Oscar showed out to be incredibly lovely, so CWOB volunteers moved them to Muttopia, CWOB’s rescue center in Santa Rosa, California, after breaking them out of the shelter.

Christie remarked:

“In actuality, they’re extremely ill. Kennel cough is really terrible in him. There is a constant coughing.”

Felix and Oscar were happy to be in Muttopia, despite the fact that they weren’t feeling well.

Christie remarked:

“They sprung off the car and started waggling their tails right away. They were both really kind and kind.”

Felix and Oscar remain connected despite this.