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Dog Can’t Wait To Show Mom His ‘Art Project,’ Which He Completed While Mom Was Away

Casey Lewis of Norfolk, Virginia, knew straight away that she wanted to adopt a puppy, but she wanted to hold off on doing so until the appropriate time came. The volunteer organizer then presented her to J.J., and the adoption was ready by the end of the day.

Because of our mutual attraction, he moved in with me the same day we met. Lewis told The Dodo that the SPCA “still communicates our message.”.


J.J. has lived with his mother for almost three years, and throughout that time, he has wreaked havoc. He has differing opinions on anything and enjoys getting involved in situations he shouldn’t.

“Last year, he ripped down the baby gate for the first time, and got into the steel, pedal-operated garbage can… It took almost an hour to clean up… But I adore him and wouldn’t give him up for anything,” Lewis explained.


Lewis recently had to go to work and was unable to bring J.J. to doggie day care on that particular day. She figured he’d be OK at home alone, so she secured whatever he may be able to get. She left to work with her fingers crossed, only to return home to discover that her hopes had been dashed.

“When I arrived home, I discovered a MESS,” Lewis added. “He’d ripped six boxes into pieces ranging in size from identifiable to the size of a fingernail. He’d also managed to move the storage tower that kept the wooden baby gate in place in the kitchen, and a huge part of the gate had broken off an already-damaged corner. It’s a good thing he didn’t go for the trash.”


J.J. stood proudly with the greatest smile on his face as Lewis surveyed the mess she now had to clean up. He was clearly ecstatic to show his mother the art project he’d finished while she was away, and he couldn’t have been happier.

Lewis remarked, “He’s always proud of his messes – ‘guilty beagle’ is an oxymoron.”

Lewis cleaned up the mess he caused that day, much to J.J.’s anger, knowing there will be many more in the future. J.J. enjoys experimenting with new things and expressing himself, and his mother wouldn’t have it any other way.