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Dog Siblings Meet On The Street And Immediately Recognize Each Other

When long-lost siblings stumbled into each other on the street, what began off as a typical stroll for two dogs turned into a surprising family reunion.

The two cockapoos quickly recognized one other. They nuzzled and hugged each other as soon as they saw each other, even though they hadn’t seen each other since they were pups.


Last June, Monty and Rosie, two pups from the same litter, were born. “There were six of them,” Rosie’s mother, Susan Killip, told The Dodo. “However, Monty and Rosie were never apart.”


Early on, Killip’s neighbors in a neighbouring hamlet adopted Monty and watched Rosie for a week, but the two puppies lost contact after that.

That is, until they had a chance to meet last month.

“It was very amazing,” Killip added. “They both just leaped up and held each other.” “It seemed incredible that they remembered each other after ten months apart.”


Libby Pincher shared the sweet anecdote on Twitter, where she documented a discussion with her father that has now gone viral.

“So, Dave was out walking his dog, and there was a couple going towards him with a white replica of his dog,” her father wrote of the sweet unexpected meeting. It turns out they are siblings from the same litter. However, instead of playing with other dogs, have a look at this.”

While there is still controversy about whether dogs can recall their littermates, Killip and other Twitter users believe the two puppies remembered each other.

It’s also conceivable that dog siblings react affectionately to one another because they detect something soothing or familiar in the other.


According to Tufts University, “dogs of the same breed generally gravitate toward one other.” “What we know is that the fragrance of another dog lingers for a long time on a dog… We’ll never know for sure if the dog is digesting the fact that it’s a family link.”