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Shopping Center Gives Temporary Home To Rescued Dogs And Then Gives Them Up For Adoption

This shopping center is unique since it not only allows individuals to enter with their pet, but also helps by providing rescued dogs with temporary homes until finding them a forever home. Many commercial places do not accept pets, but this one does.

A rescued dog named “Negrito” being cared for by the Casacostanera retail complex in Santiago, Chile, which opened a year ago.

The mascot of this shopping center is a dog named Negrito, who first appeared in front of one of the stores a little more than three months ago.

According to a mall employee who spoke to El Comercio:

“This puppy is the third to come in Casacostanera. The two puppies before him, who resembled him, were also adopted by customers. Negrito is quite shy; we assume that he was mistreated; however, he already has faith in us and the mall employees because we have gradually gained their trust.

The staff at Casacostanera are concerned for Negrito’s health; they keep his immunizations current; they also look after his feeding and restroom needs.

They are also seeking for someone who wants to adopt him and can place him with a devoted family that will never abandon him.

“It travels fairly well and doesn’t annoy consumers. As a mall, the goal is to safeguard and care for it until someone decides to adopt it and provide it with a stable home and family.

Since it is not their fault that they were abandoned by heartless humans, we hope that many more commercial establishments follow the lead of Casacostanera and treat animals with kindness.