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A Rescued Parrot Receives A New Beak And Is Overjoyed

They discovered this bird in Brazil, whose beak was gravely broken and whose existence was in jeopardy. We know that a healthy and robust beak is critical to these birds’ quality of life since they utilize it for the majority of their activities.

Fortunately, owing to the specialists at an animal rehabilitation clinic, the bird was given a second chance at life.

Renascer ACN employees were able to repair the parrot’s beak using a functioning prosthesis, allowing the bird to live a normal life.

Credit: Facebook / Renascer ACN

The rehabilitation center’s founder, Paulo Roberto Martins Nunziata, explained in an interview how they were able to recreate the right beak for this parrot.

He mentioned that the bird had been discovered in a dreadful state, with practically all of its beak missing. They were able to save the cat thanks to their efforts and that of the veterinarian Maria ngela Panelli Marchió after learning about the tragic circumstance.

Credit: Facebook / Renascer ACN

Panelli is committed to assisting rescued animals in severe condition, allowing them to live and return to their natural home. He specializes in animal orthopedics and uses handcrafted plastic resin prosthesis to treat damaged animals.

Credit: Facebook / Renascer ACN

The team started to create the perfect beak, using a highly durable material to get the desired result: the perfect prosthetic.

Paulo stated to Bored Panda:

«The entire procedure is done by hand. The compound employed, polymethylmethacrylate, hardens quickly (three to five minutes) and is so tough that it must be removed with a chainsaw ».

Credit: Facebook / Renascer ACN

After a few minutes, the bird received its new beak, and you could see how relieved it was to have its most vital tool back.

Credit: Facebook / Renascer ACN

The parrot quickly healed and adapted to its new beak, and it now lives a normal life, albeit it will never be able to return to its native home. The prosthesis is quite durable, although it is possible that it will come off with time. In such situation, your rescuers will be there to assist you once more.

You will spend the remainder of your life at a recovery clinic, where you will be surrounded by luxuries and may not miss the outside world as much.

Credit: Facebook / Renascer ACN

If the parrot hadn’t been rescued, his narrative might have ended differently, but he was rescued by the right people.

The parrot now gets a second shot at life thanks to Paulo and Panelli, for which he will be eternally thankful.