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Dog Has Been Waiting For His Family At An Airport For 6 Months

At the Jorge Chavez airport in Peru, a dog by the name of Bumer is waiting for his family, who abandoned him there and did not pick him up for six months in front of the departure lounge for domestic flights. Poor Bumer could only dream of the day when they would finally appear.

A Facebook post by Milagros Salazar about Bumer gained a lot of attention.

She uttered:

“Bumer was abandoned in the worst way; his family brought him to the airport, left him there, vowing to come back, but they boarded an aircraft and never came back.”

Poor Bumer, who is around 4 years old, is ill. The winter has not been kind to him at all, and now his illness is compounded by his melancholy. He persists nevertheless and patiently waits for the people he believed to love him to come back.

Miracles carried on:

The street, the weather, and the lack of food have already taken their toll on him because he hasn’t left that door for six months and there is no way to persuade him to do so.

Bumer consumed the food that the taxi drivers and coworkers handed him, but he was already underweight.

“The puppy is really ill; they covered it with a cardboard box to help with the cold, but it was stolen […]. Because he is still waiting for the airplane that he thinks will bring his family back, Bumer sleeps on a soiled cloth and stands there in the rain without moving.

“Pls, we are very sorry to hear about your situation; it is touching to watch him frozen in position. We urgently require a temporary home and will take care of Bumer’s adoption, food, and medical care if he does not leave that place before he passes away.

On the evening of Sunday, June 25, Milagros published a post that has now earned over 2,000 replies, over 700 comments, and been shared over 4,000 times.

Bumer was brought to a veterinary hospital for a health checkup, and the poor guy has a lot of problems.

Milagros added a comment, stating:

He has ehrlichia, anemia, and tvt, all curable conditions, but he very likely has distemper.

Bumer nonetheless required a home’s warmth despite the previously present medical treatment.