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Lone Orangutan Fights Back In A Heartbreaking Video As Loggers Destroy His Home

More than 2,5 million acres of Indonesian rainforest are lost every year. This senseless deforestation leaves many wild animals without a home. Animals, such as orangutans, suffer from logging the most. Their population has more than halved in the past 16 years. Non-profit organization International Animal Rescue are working very hard to save their plummeting community and other animals’ habitats.

On Words Environment Day this non-profit organization shared a shocking video showing a helpless orangutan who tried to fight against the powerful digger which has already claimed his home.

The video was captured in 2013, but it was recently released to raise awareness about the harm of logging forest trees to the orangutan habitat. The animals aren’t the only ones suffering from deforestation as it also affects climate change and is one of the global warming causes.

The video went viral with more than 10,000 shares and around 1mln views.