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Homeless Dog Arrives At The Vet To Have Her Babies While Father Waits Outside

Recently, an extraordinary circumstance occurred in Cariacica, Esprito Santo, Brazil. A homeless dog was seen on security cameras moving in the direction of a vet facility. Until doctor Jooureo Rodrigues de Oliveira arrived to check on her, the dog waited calmly.

She was pregnant and about to give birth, which the veterinarian detected right away. He thus accepted her to the clinic without stopping to ponder.

Amiga, the dog, was able to give birth to six adorable puppies while being cared after by the veterinarian. The kind Amiga was aware of what needed to be done to keep the puppies secure and protected from her.

Image/ Campo Grande Veterinary

However, the shocks continued after the delivery. The father of the pups waited outside the hospital for what looked to be his family while Amiga was giving birth.

The entire family is currently secure and waiting to be adopted.

It seemed unbelievable to think that the probable puppy’s father was waiting for news outside the veterinarian clinic. The specialist and his staff were so shocked that they were unable to speak, so they naturally told the new father that everything was under control and his family was well.

Image/ Campo Grande Veterinary