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Dog Named Smokey Can’t Stop Smiling While Playing With His Favorite Toy At The Shelter

Smokey has been depressed for the last couple of weeks, since he was given up to an Ohio animal shelter on Valentine’s Day, along with this favorite toy.

The dog’s surrender form says that Smokey is 5 years old, and has been loved by the same person that whole time. The reason Smokey was going to the shelter was because the family had lost their home.

The stuffed gray elephant with pink ears was given up as well, so Smokey “can take comfort with his favorite toy,” Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center spokesperson Susan Smith tells The Dodo.

So much so, that the shelter has a sign on his kennel, saying that Smokey and the elephant must go home together.

But now Smokey can’t stop smiling. He just got the news that he and his favorite stuffed elephant will soon be leaving the shelter.