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Pitbull Is Always Checking On His New Little Sister To Make Sure She’s Okay

Kevin Smith and his wife called their pit dog Ellie after rescuing her. They recall her being so terrified that she could scarcely walk, and that she appeared to be more fearful of males, but Kevin refused to give up, and she did.

Kevin worked hard to make Ellie trust him, and he always gave her a lot of love and compassion. He was confident that his efforts would pay off, and she would trust him in the end. Until his efforts were finally rewarded one day.

Kevin explained to The Dodo:

“At first, I was concerned because she was afraid of leaving the ground. She was frozen to the ground and looked as if she had been through a lot.


For a year, Ellie basked in her adoptive parents’ unconditional affection. Kevin and his wife were unsure how Kevin’s wife’s pregnancy would effect their dog, but as the months passed and her mother’s tummy grew, Ellie appeared excited to meet her new little sister.


Kevin remembers:

“Ellie used to rest her head on my wife’s abdomen and listen to her when she was extremely close to her due date. “It was almost an instantaneous occurrence.”


When it was time for Ellie to meet the baby, she fell head over heels in love with Peytyn and was constantly drawn to her. She seemed to have awaited that moment for a long time.

Kevin explains:

“We had Peytyn in the room, and Ellie typically welcomes us, but she shoved us aside and went directly to visit Peytyn.”


Ellie is now Peytyn’s full-time, official babysitter, following her around everywhere she wants to go. It was first irritating, but the family grew accustomed to her displays of affection, since the dog is only concerned with ensuring that everything is in order.


While her parents attend to other matters, the four-legged nanny ensures that her new baby sister is as comfortable as possible. When glancing at the baby monitor, it’s best to see Ellie near by, ensuring that everything is well; it looks like the tiny girl’s shadow.